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Below are some of the most common frequently asked questions we receive.

SoftWash can be used on SIDING such as vinyl, aluminum, stucco, EIFS, wood, painted finishes, brick, concrete, composite and PVC.

SoftWash can be used on ROOF structures such as asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofs, ceramic tiles, stone, metal and various commercial roof materials.

Average cleaning times for a small home is couple of hours, ½ day for a medium size home and even up to a full day for much larger homes.   Times will vary based on weather, condition of the home, size of home, and amount of vegetation.

Average prices for a basic house wash can range between $350-$700 for the average size homes in the Midwest.  We inspect almost every home during our estimation process, and then provide a flat rate price for the project.

Most often, we are contracted to do more than house cleaning (roof cleaning, deck cleaning, patio cleaning, window cleaning or driveway cleaning) which contributes to a higher priced project.

We understand that we aren’t a fit for everyone financially, and we don’t compete with guys that are pedaling low cost power washing services.  They don’t have proper insurance, training, or certifications and can cause more damage then good.

No.  Most people aren’t home the day of service because of work and other schedules.

If you are home, our team will check in with you upon our arrival and review the scope.   Towards the end of the project, one of our team members will walk around with you so you can inspect our work and make sure you are satisfied.

Our SoftWash process typically should last about 2-3 years before returning.  Every home has reasons why they got algae to start with, and those factors can play a role in how fast it returns.  Shady spots, moist areas, vegetation overlay, seasonal climates all factor into the equation.

Pressure washing, or Power washing can last as little as only a few months, because water and soap alone will not kill bacteria.

If the company you hire doesn’t have the appropriate insurance such as liability, auto or workmen’s compensation, then YOU the homeowner or business owner could be liable. Many issues can arise on a job site such as property damage, landscaping issues, automobile damage, and most importantly bodily injury.

Do it the “Right Way”, and ask your contractor for a copy of their insurance so you aren’t the one taking the risk for someone else’s business. As Forrest Gump once said “Stuff Happens”.

Definitely yes! If you don’t thoroughly clean it, you won’t get the surface clean and will be just painting over dirt. It won’t look as good, last as long and will cost you more money in the long run. Most reputable painter contractors will insist on cleaning prior to exterior painting. Some painting companies will provide the cleaning themselves, and some will subcontract the work to professional exterior cleaning companies that have better methods and results. Do it the “Right Way”, so your painting investment will last longer and look better.

A very common question, and although they are very similar they are a little bit different. Both solutions use extreme pressure, but power washing uses hot water which can reach boiling water
temperatures up to 250 degrees.

Power Washing with hot water has numerous advantages over using cold water. A simple way to think about this is by considering how you use your own dishwasher. If you are like most people, you set the dishwasher to a hot cycle setting so it will sanitize your dishes and make them sparkly clean.

Hot water is a natural disinfectant, that can kill bacteria. Hot water can also clean grease, remove gum and penetrate stains. In many instances hot water can also remove surface rust from
concrete, walls and floors.

Yes, you can. Any homeowner can go to your local hardware store and purchase a consumer grade unit. However, these types of products are only manufactured for limited use. They don’t have
the same power, high gallon per minute output or heating element that a commercial grade unit will have.

Consumer power washing units are really used for small projects, and are only designed to last about 100 hours! It is a low cost solution for very basic household projects. If you use for big projects
or extended periods of time you may find yourself replacing units frequently.

If you want to save time, limit your risk and get better results then you are better off hiring a professional company.

This is probably one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct answer to this question because every project is unique, and there are variables on every job.

The most common method for pricing is measuring the square footage of a job as well as adding in the labor. Special circumstances and other challenges have to be considered when doing it the “Right Way.”

We price projects based on square feet, labor time, chemicals costs and our basic overhead. Because we do it the “Right Way”, we do have overhead for the right equipment, people, processes and
biodegradable chemicals. So, when we bid a job it is about providing a quality solution that is consistent with your expectations.

There are many fly by night power washing companies that low bid jobs, but hiring one of these isn’t usually the smartest decision. Bad operators ruin sidings, windows, landscaping and surrounding
surfaces and they don’t usually achieve the end result you were really expecting.

Those black streaks are algae, scientifically named Gloeocapsa Magma. If left untreated, it can literally eat the granules off the roof shingles making it susceptible to damage and water leaks which can also damage other parts of the home.

The good news is that there is a treatment to remove the algae, and most times there is no need to buy a new roof just because it appears to be dirty.

The American Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) only recommends the SoftWash method for roof cleaning.  This low-pressure method won’t damage the surface, and the chemicals, soap and surfactants will kill bacteria and clean the roof.

Pressure washing, or power washing is bad for roof cleaning because it is too powerful and will damage the surface.  The damage to a roof from power washing is irreversible, and can lead a quick roof replacement scenario.

SoftWash can be used on ROOF surfaces such as asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofs, ceramic tiles, stone, metal and various commercial roof materials.

Shingle roofs’ can be treated in a day, and visual results will be achieved the same day.  Variables such as air temperature, wind and sun all impact the process and treatment time.  The condition of the roof, such as amounts of algae, lichen or moss also impact the treatment time.

Cedar shake roofs usually can take longer to clean then shingle roofs.  The reason they take longer is that there are more steps to clean the wood, wash the wood and then apply a conditioner which neutralizes and conditions the wood.

Roof sizes and conditions vary greatly, so there isn’t a general rule of thumb.  However, most homes that we work on here in the Midwest range in the 500-1,500 for a roof wash.

Right Way Wash can do a full Roof Wash, or a partial roof wash.   Often, homeowners just have algae, lichen or moss issues on the North Side of their home.  In those instances, we can just treat the North side and keep the costs down.

Our SoftWash Roof cleaning process typically should last a few years, and our company is also backed by a national 5-year pro-rated warranty for entire roof cleanings.   Partial roof cleanings don’t carry the same warranty because the entire roof wasn’t treated.

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