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Is your Roof really a RESTAURANT for bacteria?

The black streaks or black patches on your roof is algae named “Gloeocapsa Magma”. The algae can be spread airborne from other roofs, or it can grow directly onto your roof due to shaded or damp areas away from sunlight. Once it’s on your roof, it literally starts to eat your roof by feeding on the crushed limestone of the shingle. The granular layer of the shingle is the most critical, because this is the top layer that protects your roof the most. If the top layer deteriorates, gets damaged, or is removed it leaves your roof unprotected.

If you see green on your roof, it is most likely lichen or moss. These are the both additional stages of algae. These stages are typically worse than the black streaks, because the lichen and moss both have thicker roots which attach to the roof surface. If your roof reached this stage, it will require more money due to increased cleaning time, chemicals, light agitation, debris removal and curing time for final results to be achieved.

3 Stages of Algae Growth, leading to Roof Deterioration

Stage 1 – Invisible
Your roof appears to look fine. However, there actually may be spores present or forming that are invisible to the naked eye.

A good test would be to walk through your neighborhood and see if homes have green algae on their siding, or if your neighbors’ roofs have black streaks on them. If so, you can bet that eventually it can start to grow on your roof through airborne currents.

Treating your roof on a 5-year cycle is the best method of avoiding costly damage or replacement. This is the least expensive treatment because it requires the lowest meter setting and least amount of chemicals and applications.

Stage 2 – Black
Black Streaks on RoofYour roof is infected because it is partially, or entirely covered by Algae and is already visible. The roof Algae is black in color, either represented by dark streaks or dark shady patches.  Typically, the North side of the roof is in the worst condition due to limited sunlight.

Treating your roof at this stage will kill the Algae, and there will be immediate results the same day of service. We offer a 5-year limited warranty backed by a National SoftWash Systems program.  This treatment requires a medium meter chemical setting, and usually multiple applications on heavily strained areas.

Stage 3 – Green
Moss on RoofYour roof is heavily infected because you can already see green growth. The roof has green circular blotches present which is Lichen, or is covered by thick green mounds which is moss.

This is the worst stage, but if it is caught early it can still be treated and still save your roof.

This stage is more invasive and damaging because both Lichen and Moss have roots that attach to the shingles.  This treatment requires a high meter chemical setting, multiple applications and can possible use light agitation and debris removal through several methods. This is the most expensive treatment because of the material and labor costs.


The main objective in cleaning your roof is to have a 100% kill rate on the algae, lichen or moss; and in the process, remove the stains from your roof surface.

The Benefits of a Roof Ceaning

$ 0
  • Increased life of roof, sometimes as much as 50% better Return on Investment.
  • Avoids additional damage to home, thus lowers repair costs and headaches
  • Lowers utility costs due to more reflection, lighter coloring and thicker shingles
  • More curb appeal, adds more value to your home especially when it’s time to sell

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