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Cleaning the exterior of one’s home is a very important task, but often overlooked. Unfortunately, people wait until their house is covered with algae, stained or faded before taking the proper steps to avoid damage.  

There are several ways to clean the exterior of your home. Right Way can tell you more about the options available, so you can select the best power washing service for your home or commercial property.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing utilizes extremely high water pressure to remove surface dirt on your house exterior. This is the least preferred method, because the high water pressure needs to be applied inches from the surface and harms the siding from intense pressure. This method is time consuming, costly and risky.  

Pressure Washing does not kill algae or bacteria, it will just remove the top layer of dirt.

This process will actually make the bacteria situation worse! The reason being is that it provides water and feeds the algae which will grow back faster, thicker, and expand its mass.

Power Washing

Power Washing is like pressure washing, but this process utilizes extremely hot water that can even reach steaming hot temperatures. The hot water is typically more impactful than cold pressure washing, but power washing still won’t kill the algae or bacteria on its own.

Power Washing is a great solution for a home that is only just slightly dirty and just needs hot water and soap. This method can be combined with chemicals, but there is less control of metering the chemicals due to equipment limitations.

As with Pressure Washing, there is still concern for high pressure water streams damaging your property.

Pressure Washing, and power washing are really best suited for hard surfaces such as bricks or concrete.

Soft Washing

Soft Washing is a relatively new technique that has quickly become the preferred way to clean home exteriors, roofs and more, because of the TRUE SAFE low water pressure system that is used in combination with 100% biodegradable chemicals and detergents.

Soft Washing achieves the highest kill rate of bacteria, lasts the longest, uses the least amount of resources and has the best cleaning results.

Soft Wash Home Exterior and Roof Cleaning Services

Right Way Wash uses certified state of the art Soft Wash equipment to provide the most thorough cleaning possible. Our entire Soft Wash exterior cleaning system is mounted on our truck. The system is meticulously designed to keep people, and property safe.

Better still, our Soft Wash home exterior and roof cleaning system runs on batteries, so you won’t hear loud noise while we perform our cleaning services.

All the chemicals we use in exterior Soft Wash cleaning are 100% biodegradable, low VOC, water based and bleach stable.

The water pressure Right Way Powerwashing uses not much stronger then that of a standard water hose, but our system is designed to spray long-range, so we can avoid ladders. We can also carefully meter our chemicals – and we are able to change the pressure and content flow immediately to suit our blend of detergents.

View Right Way’s ever-growing image gallery of home and roof soft washing images to see how this remarkable power washing technique is able to transform:

  • houses
  • roofs
  • commercial building exteriors
  • driveways / asphalt / concrete
  • patios / decks
  • playground equipment
  • And more

Soft Washing restores the clean, natural appearance of just about any surface. It’s simply the safest, most effective way to clean!

Trained, Certified and Insured

Other power washing companies claim that they know how to Soft Wash, but typically they aren’t properly trained, certified or insured to do the work. In the wrong hands, chemicals can be very dangerous and can cause damage to property, vegetation and human life.

When it comes to Soft Wash services, Right Way Wash has:

  • Extensive Training
  • Annual Certifications, and
  • Business Insurance, and
  • Workman’s compensation insurance

The team at Right Way can work on various surfaces including vinyl, wood, painted materials, stucco, EIFS, brick, cement, metals, aluminum and composite materials.

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The Benefits of a House Cleaning

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  • Increases Life of Exterior Investment
  • Safer environment
  • Increase value of home
  • Better curb appeal for your home

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