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Your concrete driveway can be very expensive to repair or even replace. Cracks, joints opening, broken corners, pitting, flaking, staining or sinking are common problems homeowners have with their cement driveways. It can easily cost over $10k to replace a driveway, and can also cost several thousand dollars to repair.

Driveway Cleaning – Power Wash, Pressure Wash or Soft Wash?

Most companies and homeowners use a cold-water pressure washer to clean the driveway’s surface, but this only removes the top layer of dirt for a season!

Pressure washing your driveway every year with this method causes more damage than good! The cement isn’t designed to have that much pressure applied annually, and can prematurely cause etching and deterioration damage.

Right Way Wash recommends the most comprehensive solution for protecting your concrete and your investment – Soft Washing.

With Soft Washing, the final step of sealing reduces damage from freeze/thaw, protects from salt damage, reduces cracking and peeling, makes it easier to clean and maintain, easier to remove snow and ice and works on new or old concrete.

We don’t use products sold in big box stores, because they tend to discolor the surface, don’t last as long and require your contractor to come back more often to re-apply.

Our Soft Washing sealer solution penetrates the surface, chemically reacting to create a gel that fills the open pores of the concrete which hardens the surface thus protects your driveway’s concrete better.

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