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Cleaning Your Deck Safely

Pressure Washing a deck is a very common, but it isn’t the best method because it can cause permanent damage and it DOESN’T KILL bacteria. The high-water pressure can leave streaking marks, cause uneven surfaces and furring or splintering of wood. This cleaning process often voids standard manufacturing warranties. 

SoftWash of a deck requires having a combination of bacteria killers and detergents to do the job “Right”. This method kills the bacteria without using high water pressure. Green or black algae can vanish from a deck quickly and takes less time to apply.

Overall, SoftWash is the preferred method for deck cleaning because of the best outcome, quickest treatment, least damaging and longest lasting effect.

How Often to SoftWash your Deck

There is no golden rule how often deck cleaning is necessary, but most likely it could be done on a yearly basis during the start of the season. If your deck is in the shade, or constantly being wet by storms, runoff or sprinklers then it may require more visits .

The good news is there is no damage to the deck from low water pressure, so it is a gentler yet more effective process. There are other factors to consider such as the finish of your deck, and the type of organic growth that is present. A SoftWash solution can be applied to an old deck as well as a new deck.

Wood decks tend to get moldy and covered in mildew which ultimately ruins and rots the deck over time. The best way to reduce repair costs and replacing of partial or full decks is to clean it. SoftWash isn’t a replacement process for sealing or staining, but it is the best method for cleaning.

Brick & Paver Cleaning

Power washing is probably the most widely used method for cleaning of bricks or pavers. In many cases this is the appropriate method, but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are looking to remove surface dirt only, this is a great method. The combination of hot water and high pressure will do a great job on these hard surfaces. However, if you have algae, mildew or mold then this method will fall short. Hot power washing doesn’t kill bacteria.

We have experience in using both SoftWash and Hot Powerwashing methods, and sometimes a combination of both. Other factors need consideration, such as the age of the bricks or pavers. If sealer was use, it is best to know when it was treated and what type of sealer was used. Lastly, you must consider how each treatment will impact mortar, grout or sand filling and how that will impact the entire project.

Often, we can just SoftWash brick pavers, because it is the least abrasive method and kills bacteria. Frequently, landscapers pressure wash brick pavers, but they don’t know how to apply chemicals properly, so it can be a waste of time and money. Our clients are amazed at the outcome of our process, and the amount of time it last compared to other methods.

Soft Wash Exterior Cleaning Services

Right Way Wash uses the state of the art SoftWash equipment to provide the most thorough cleaning possible. Our entire SoftWash exterior cleaning system is mounted on our truck and is meticulously designed to keep people, and property safe.

Better still, our SoftWash exterior cleaning system runs on batteries, so you won’t hear loud noise while we perform our cleaning services.

All the chemicals we use in exterior Soft Wash cleaning are 100% biodegradable, low VOC, water based and bleach stable. Our water pressure is not much stronger then that of a standard water hose, but our system is designed to spray long-range, so we can avoid ladders. We can also meter our chemicals and change the flow immediately with our blend of detergents.

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